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Our Poster Photo Project!

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We came across a really cool idea from Pinterest (link below) to make a large poster print and
decided to try it out.  However, we took it a step further and made a wood frame
for a print and wrapped it around the frame (like you would see in the canvas
wrap around prints that are becoming so popular).  Here is what we ended up

The photo is a macro Carina took of a Don Perignon label.   We took a closeup photo to show the quality of the print, which isn’t A+ quality, however, if you are on a budget, this isn’t bad!  Of course, the label has a lot of noise all ready in it, so some was expected and frankly added to the print.   Not to mention that this photo was taken with an iPhone.  This photo is 36” x 48” and cost a fraction of the price!

 If your interested on the details or pricing, please head over to the Contact Us page!  Our next project will be a family photo to put above a large stair case.

Link to blog:  http://www.infarrantlycreative.net/2012/03/shaped-frame-family-photo.html


Author: C & F Photography

Cute and trendy photos at a mom's price.

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